13 December 2007


It's been an interesting week. Fun, surreal, hard, restless, and tiring.

The highlight - by far - has been news of the birth of Clark Garrison, the newest addition to my friend Katie's family. K and I have been (and have remained) close friends since we were 5 years old. Such joy!!

Monday night's performance was . . . *interesting* . . . to say the least. I have a top-10 list about it, which I'll post here shortly.

I have a sort of penpal at the moment (my friend in Kuwait with the Army), and I find myself saving up stories throughout the week to write in a letter. It's funny...and I worry about repeating myself in a new letter, because obviously - unlike email - you can't just go back and look up what you wrote before. I don't want to sound any crazier than I already am like a crazy person...hahaha...it's funny. And fun!

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Rona said...

awwwww!I love it!!