16 December 2007


I'm watching TBS (good Sunday afternoon activity) and trying to compose my Christmas letters. Anyways. "My Best Friend's Wedding" came on and I like this movie. But I had forgotten that it's 10 years old. And the things that clued me into the vintage-ness of it all:

-Julia Roberts' cell phone had a pull-up antaenna
-"If we aren't married by the time we're 28 years old, let's get married." I don't remember that line as such. . . I was thinking they were talking about reaching at least 35. And now that I am at the *ahem* ripe old age of 28, myself, I couldn't help but crack up outloud and practically spew my water across the keyboard.

And OMG one of Cameron Diaz' crazy Southern-cousins is played by Rachel Griffiths. Who knew??


Jennie said...

I was watching it too! Can you believe 10 years ago... I remember seeing it in the theater with a certain boyfriend. Yikes!

Rona said...

HAHAHAHA! i'd better get a move on if that's the cap!!