22 December 2007

I don't know's on third

been runnin' in circles, conversationally speaking . . .

A: Hey, [MezzoSF], when do you get home?
Me: Tonight, late
A: So, hey, J and T and I are going up skiing Sunday...but we were thinking why don't you and your brother and G join us and we'll go up Saturday afternoon, get up there, have dinner, chill out catch up etc etc. Then the three of you non-skiiers can go home early Sunday to beat the traffic.
Me: uh...okay. That would be fun, but I have to clear it with my parents. My dad's working all week (yeah - that's another story), so his only time off is the weekend.
A: OK call me ASAP when you know.
Me: I'm getting on a plane in like 20 minutes. I'll call you in the morning.
A: OK, but ASAP. G's going is contingent on you going.

ME: Okay, I'm in but Will is not.
A: Okay - let me call you back after yoga and after I talk to J.

A: uh, well, J & G weren't as committed as I thought. So they're not going. T and I might still go.
Me: Oh. okay. Well. Are we still on for karaoke tomorrow with everyone?
A: I already made plans for tomorrow - no one told me about karaoke. So, if I get out of dinner early, then sure. Call T and ask him.

Me: Hey, are we still karaokeing tomorrow with the gang? Since the mountains are not happening and all?
T: What? I didn't know that fell through.
Me: Oh. Well you better call A and talk to him about it and then call me back.

T: Yeah okay yeah we're not going to the mountains. So yeah, karaoke's still on. Let's meet at my house at 5pm and then go to dinner and karaoke
Me: Okay fine.

T (via voice mail): So, yeah, A and are I still going skiing on Sunday. So...we should be back and ready to go by 6. So...come on over for 6pm.

ACK. I can't wait to see what chaos Sunday brings!


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Why am I not surprised :) Wish we were there.