18 December 2007

C'est bien ca

So, I got to pass an enjoyable time tonight with my new French friends from Sunday. Turns out the place they are staying in SF is 2 blocks from my house!! So, I went over "pour un gouter" which literally translates "for a taste": small appetizers, aperatifs and the like.

I raced home after work and ran to the Lucky, determined not to show up empty-handed (a faux pas en France). I found a decent looking bouquet and a bottle of wine and made my way to their house. It was really nice to be accepted into their home - even if it wasn't their *actual* home. Also invited were some of their friends from France who moved to SF 3 months ago. Between the two families, there were seven (7!) kids! I was like....WHOA what universe did I land in?

In any case, we had fun chatting, eating, drinking and laughing. I had an especially fun time with their kids (who'd a thunk?) and learning of their impressions of their many travels throughout the States. It was a fun night!

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