03 November 2007

I hope it's not genetic

In conversation with my mother yesterday:

Mom: I'm ready for you to have a boyfriend. Someone you can go to the movies with.

Me: Uh. Okay.

Mom: Are you a member of xyz online dating service? Because I heard they sent out thousands and thousands of rejection letters to folks they couldn't find matches for!

Me: I've experimented with them in the past.

Mom: OH! Well. Were you one of the people who received a letter like that??

Me: *Sigh* No, mother.

Mom: Oh. Well. I just worry about you - it just can't be safe meeting up with people from the internet.

Me: . . .

(This coming from the person who - unbeknownst to me at the time - signed me up for an online dating site. I kept getting email from random people, and I had NO IDEA WHY for seveal months).


Rona said...

HAHAHAHAHA! I LOVE YOUR MOTHER!! So...do you think the site would match US up? Just gonna throw that out there...

Dating said...

Someone you can go to the movies with.