01 October 2007

chilling out

I am chilling out here on day 5 of my forced rest. I thought it would be good for me (and my attitude) to borrow an idea from AZ and focus on the top 10 GOOD things about my last week! Here they are - in random order:

1. Greek "Knee" Fest - including homemade spanokopita by AZ!
2. Leftover spanokopita (what can I say - I've not ventured to the grocery store!)
3. The kindness of my friends, coming over to spend time with me, watch movies, cook...truly, it has been a blessing!
4. The kindess of strangers - my building manager's gf saw me waiting for my (late) taxi to the doctor this morning, and ended up driving me down there herself!
5. Laughter in spades
6. Sibling got home safely from London yesterday (and he brought home treats!)
7. The Travel Channel
8. Catching up on emailing some old friends
9. Email from Rona, safe in her destination
10. Liking my knee doctor - very important, indeed!

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