27 September 2007

Laughter is the best medicine

So, it's been a rough week, and in my convalescence on the couch, I am surfing the net, and finding some very amusing things.

For your reading pleasure, may I suggest the following:

Survival of the Fittest Hilarous - best of Craigslist.

Ass-Kicking Machine. Odd (bofCL).

Left-hand strung piano. I love this (bofCL).

LOL Cats. I know they've been around for a while. But I still find them oddly creepy and funny.

The I, Claudius drinking game rules. Oh man, it's been forever since I watched some of this show...it might be time to netflix it...

Bar jokes

Question: What do they call the cabs lined up at the Dallas-Fort Worth Airport? Answer: The yellow rows of taxis.


sunny said...

sorry about your knee and the friends' situations....

thanks for sharing about the m&m contests.... soooooo funny. am about to read more but wanted to say THANKS FOR SHARING!

misterarthur said...

Katy, thanks for you kind comment on my blog (the one you reached via Davzilla. Hope you recover quickly from your injury.

misterarthur said...

Sorry, I forgot to close the parenthesis :>)