10 July 2007


-Looking forward to 28. Should be great.
-Bastille day is Saturday. I am so excited. Every year I am like "oooh this year I'll celebrate" and I never do. But this year I am! yay.
-I just found out an ex of mine is married. Crazy! But I'm happy for him.
-I am looking foward to dinner tomorrow at Cafe Claude
-I am learning to say "yes" to the right thing(s). You'd think this would be easy for someone who has a hard time saying "no".
-God is able. God loves me.
-Go see Ratatouille. It is such a great film!
-Oh...and what may be the awesomeist celebreality show yet: Scott Baio is 45 . . . and Single. Thanks, Vh1!


sunny said...

scott baio's reality show.

I'm so there.

(can't believe he's 45. I had a crush on him when he was on happy days & joanie loves chachi)

math jedi said...

happy birthday! :)

It's Me... Maven said...

To your sputum, I counter with phlegm.

And despite Baio being 45, I still wouldn't mind being boned by him. *wink*