04 July 2007


it's laaaaaate late late late and I am awake awake awake.

it was the cup of coffee at 7pm. I forgot to ask for decaf, and drank it anyway. i though maybe because I was sick and sleepy, it wouldn't really have that much of an affect on me . . .


coffee + 3 hour nap = no sleepy time for KT. argh.

oh well.

Anywyas this evening had a lovely game night at my French student's house. Our CLG is on a summer schedule: one week study, one week social night, etc etc ad nauseum until September. It is actually quite good, because we are getting to know each other better relationally . . . which hopefully will make our study times better, as we are establishing deeper levels of trust I think. Team buidling, trust building, relationships...these things take time.

Anyways, our team won OUTBURST! And one of the funniest categories of the evening was something along the lines of other words for 'farts'. I mean. Really. It was pretty funny...and the other team only could guess 5/10 words for that category!

In other news...I finally found my camera. I had been racking my brain, trying to remember where I left it and freaking out that I lost it - I mean, I have a very photo-worthy summer coming up, what with my birthday, performances, backstage pics, vacation and a wedding all in the next 3 months. Turns out the camera was hiding in the Green Bean's glove compartment. WHEW. It ran out of battery, and I had left it hiding in there, I guess. I am relieved. I just wish I had remembered sooner, for 'rona's and my photo shoot down at Fisherman's wharf a couple weekends ago...

et finalement...je voudrais ecrire qqchose en francais maintenant. mon anniversiare arrive en qq jours...et j'ai envie d'inviter qqpersonnes chez moi..PAS bcp de personnes..mais c difficile. parce que si j'invite cette personna ci, je dois aussi inviter celle-la...etc etc etc....et vraiment, il y en a qq d'eux - de ma groupe si tu veux - qui sont...'biens'..mais nous ne sommmes pas proches amis. alors...mais c MON anniversaire, oui, et je voudrais avoir des personnes chez moi qui j'aime bien...et pas les autres qui m'ennervent. est-ce que ca c trop a demander? nous sommes tous adults...je pense...? hahahah alors, on verra, on verra....j'avais rien dire ce soir, et personnne a rien dire en ce qui concerne la soiree...alors..bon.

et maintenant...au lit!!

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math jedi said...

I bet my family would have had a field day with "other words for farts"... haha :)