24 January 2007

LIVE! from New York it's . . .

Saturday Night American Idol!

DAY 1:

Ian Benardo
"My therapists say I'm a superstar". "I'm wearing chinchilla to show people how rich I can be."
Needless to say, he's not going to Hollywood...

Sara (forgot her last name)
Lied to her parents about trying out for American Idol, but she's going to Hollywood!

Fanta Tsakalakos
She was on Greek American Idol . . .but will not be continuing onto the stateside version...

Ashanti Johnson
She's been to Hollywood twice before . . . but I can't figue out why. She's not going back. And wow, she has a whole monologue diatribe going off on the judges. Very soap opera. She should be on tv. But her voice sucks is better for musical theater.

Amanda Coluccio & Antonella Barba
BFF's and Jersey girls! Amanda's the 'trained' one - and blond. Meh...she gets a go on to Hollywood. Why not.
Antonella's the untrained one - and brunette. Man, I like her voice better - and she has more soul than her bland blond friend. The judges agree! She goes, too!

uh oh...I hear a harmonica! It must be Clifton Little!
He's very funny (dry humor), and there's stomping involved. AND clapping. And lots of yelling...why the heck is he singing ZZ Top? I'm so confused...and more harmonica. Sorry Cliff....no go.

WOW someone in a spacesuit! hahahah. They got 3 seconds on tv!

Kia Thornton sings some ARETHA, yeah!
Lots of soul, looks good and good pipes! Way to go. Just don't oversing.

Where are the men from NYC???

DAY 2:
Starts without Simon? what? he's hungover??

oooh the oh-so-easy on the eyes Jenry Bejarano. And not bad to listen to, either...a little rough around the edges, but a lot of potential (he's only freaking 16!!!) Jailbait! ack! He is going to Hollywood!

Now for someone completely different, Nakia Claiborne. She has TONS of energy! But her voice needs work - it showed on her slow song. She's not going to H'wood & there are lots of tears :(
"Sometimes you get tired of hearing 'no'"

Sarah Goldberg
She reminds me off my wacky theater friends. But not my musical theater friends. She can't sing. And she's ADMITTING that she's at American Idol because her friends make fun of her tone-deafness. Even though she can't sing, she can be the next American Idol, because she can be TAUGHT to sing! What? This is a singing competition, girl!

(HEY here comes Mr. Cowell...finally!)

Holy cow...there's a 47 year old trying out?? What?eh?

Now back to our real auditionees...
Jory Steinberg
Not bad, looks good...but has this weird habit when she breaths of sounding like Michael Jackson (cha!) *insert moonwalk here* She's on her way to LA!

And representing Queens, NYC . . . we have our own rocky here...will she make it?
Porcelana Patino sings some Mary J. Blige for us. Paula thinks she's pretty awesome. She's unique! And she's going through. The training paid off!

Christopher Henry says he's been told he looks like Simon Cowell and George Michael. HAHAHA. Does this give him an edge? He's singing a Kelly Clarkson song. In a VERY high key. Damn. I think he lost that edge.
(Paula just called Simon an asshole bad word!)

Here comes a girl who "goes to school for opera. and if they find out I might get kicked out and lose my scholarship." Her name is Rachel Z..? forgot the last name. But they've asked her for a second song! And now, some opera (which she doesn't sing very well...IMHO). Wow she gets a semi-enthusiastic 'go' to Hollywood.

Christopher Richardson DANG good singer. And has a cool confidence, but yet, humility. Or, maybe it's just his youth...whatever it is, he gets MY vote.

Nicholas Pedro bowed out of American Idol during the competition last year. So, he's back to audition again! Will they give him a second chance? He's singing some ol' blue eyes! And they still love him for a second chance...so don't blow it this time, Nicholas!

I can't even comment on Isadora. Ack.

whew. I'm done blogged out. Yo.

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Jennifer said...

man, the judges are extra mean this year, but i can't blame them too much. the contestants are extra sucky too. good grief. i can't manage to get through a whole hour of that show and i have low standards. i don't know how you and your trained ears can stand it! :)