15 September 2011


time flies. it has been a CRAZY summer. Mostly good, but a lot crazy.

No time for a big update at the moment, suffice to say, when I am (hopefully) extremely ancient and grey and no longer able to care for myself, someone just please put me out of my misery. Looking at nursing facilities for my mom (for just a short couple week stay before she comes home from this current hospitalization) is depressing. The places I've seen are almost all just terrible, and I feel horribly for folks who don't have anyone who acts as their advocate. I swear, I think most of the places I've seen would be cited for violating the UN's definition of "crimes against the peace and security of mankind". egads.
wish me luck. off to look at a SNF this morning way the hell out in the foothills (WTF?!)

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