23 February 2011

flotsam and jetsam

bubble wrap (therapeutic or annoying?) box tops miscellaneous buttons
there's that 9-volt I needed for the smoke detector at 2am
why did I keep so many old Christmas cards?

tools . . . scattered willy-nilly . . . but why don't I have that stupid little ikea key anymore? flashlights and earthquake kits (safety first!)
I. am. RICH! in pennies

clothes shoes bags wine paper paper paper paper papers!!
oh god, the toiletries. gotta figure out what to do with those.
and when did I amass duplicate assorted cleaning supplies?

jewelry watch ooh forgot about that piece forbidden rock from the middle of a park
matchless socks (bad dryer!) and old t-shirts (great for packing)

now is the tedious part.
sifting, sorting, recycling, trashing. good thing I still have some tunes. and some time. uh oh I'm out of tape. but not boxes.
locks, cards, markers, albums, photos, coasters, pens, memories

...where the eff are my keys?

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