06 October 2010


So. Here I turn to my faithful blog. I have started a handful of posts over the past month, but none of them ever actually made it to being published. However, that will probably change shortly, as I think I am...maybe...ready to come back to blogging here more or less regularly.

I had to step away, because I think that everytime I started to write something down, it was all really heavy, sad, depressing. On one hand, that's how I process life? emotions? On the other hand - I didn't want to turn into some horrible emo blog, for crying out loud.

There are lots of things on my mind. Lots of things over which I've been mulling, wondering and trying to figure out.

This is a difficult month spiked with wonderful dots of joy. In other words, a little bit of a roller-coaster!

Under the "dots of joy" category: AZ is gettin' hitched!! I am very honored and excited to be her maid-of-honor, and we are fast approaching the Big Day, and have had many wonderful showers and parties leading up to the wedding. I could not be more happy for her & N, truly, and cannot wait to celebrate with them in just a short time, now! Other Dots-of-Joy: spending Halloween weekend in Vegas with my parents. Oh yes. Mom and I will play the penny-slots until the wee-hours of the morning...it will be grand; and Fleet Week starts Thursday. I love Fleet Week!

Filed under "Difficult": fast approaching the one-year mark of Katie's death. THAT is entirely too hard a concept for me to understand and/or even process at the moment; difficult because P has an impending deployment, and, well, that is hard for me on many levels right now - but that's a topic for another posting.


Bag Blog said...

I always love to see your blog pop up on my favorites list when you post. It would be good to hear more about what is going on with you and your life in SF.

Jesse is off to France for two weeks with her cousin and grandmother - my SIL and brother are over there again this semester.

Mezzo SF said...

Please tell Jesse "bon voyage" and safe travels!! She will have fun, I'm sure.