17 October 2010

*insert acronym here*

FUBAR and/or SNAFU for this one.

Talked to P today, and for some reason, COC hasn't yet released their mailing addresses for care packages and such. Might not until they are downrange, either. Needless to say, everyone's disappointed with this (lack) of info. WTF...way to build morale, guys.

In other news...AZ's wedding was beautiful yesterday. My 5:50am alarm clock was really early, but worth it. Picked up breakfast for all the girls, and we got ready at AZ's house and had photos, champagne and lots of silliness. The 11am ceremony and reception were perfect, with a hint of bittersweet (her father passed away 5 months ago), but full of love and support from friends and family around the globe.

After all the weddingness was said and done, and when I was officially off-the-clock as maid of honor, I went out with a handful of friends, and *may* have been a little tipsy by the end of the night. And by may, I mean, I definitely had some celebratory drinks in memory of Katie. One drink in particular was bright blue and tasted like an otter pop - and K loved otter pops. It was a good night. I woke up just fine this morning, but it was a good way to let off some steam.

The plunge back into the world of a double-schedule (day work and night music rehearsals) will be icy this week. I'll eventually get back into the swing of things, but it's been nice having 6 weeks off from my so-called "double life". I get very complacent with my singing when I'm not actually in rehearsal for anything. This is why I know I would never make it in NYC, where so many opera-minded folks tend to flock. My drive to out-sing everyone is dwarfed by my drive to enjoy other parts of my life; to enjoy the project at hand; to nurture my relationships; and to not put my whole entire self on the line for something that though I love it - I am not driven towards or by it. And that is that.

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Anonymous said...

And you did a bang-up job as maid-of-honor! I must say I "hear" you on the NYC singing stuff. I feel the same pull toward balance in all the areas of my life that keeps me from being particularly good at any single one. I told NB that I want my grave epitaph to say "She loved well" - if that's what my life is about, then that's good enough for me. :)