22 October 2010

and because this week needed *more* awesome

Here's my short pity party for the day Week. That. Would. Just. Not. Stop. Sucking:

1. Saturday night: Excess drinking on the year anniversary of K's death? Check
2. Monday - now: Mom in the hospital with heart attack and (possible?) kidney problems? Check
3. Standby any day now: P heads out on deployment #2 (Cue the White Snake)? Check
4. Today: Car ticketed AND towed? Check and Check
5. Today: Credit card bill now $400+ higher (see #4, above)? Check

And for balance...the silver linings:
1. Getting to see my brother - albeit unexpectedly and not under the best of circumstances - back home? Check
2. Leg ugly BUT healing? Check and Check
3. Rangers going to the World Series? Check
4. Free plane ticket home? Check


Bag Blog said...

I pray your mom recovers and does well.

Sandra Vahtel said...

Ohmygosh, Katy! I'm so sorry this has been the week from hell! Glad to know that you're able to see the brighter side. Praying for you and your mom!

Anonymous said...

Sorry Katy - it all does tend to happen at once, doesn't it? Sorry to hear about your mom - and your leg:(