05 June 2010

back for now

I keep falling off of the blogging band wagon. SUCH a crazy year, 2010, and the hits keep coming.
Most recently, bff's father passed away suddenly . . . about a month ago. In the midst of her planning a wedding. I...ugh. It's just sad. There is nothing else to say about it, really. I wish I could make it all go away for her, but I can't, so prayers would be nice. And, another friend's cousin died in a car accident. I don't know what it is for this particular group of us who all know each other going through some crazy shit over the past several months....but MAN. (Don't mind my French. I've had a couple glasses of wine this evening.)

SO. All that to say. I am still here. Still dealing. Grief counseling/therapy helps a LOT...helps a great deal to have a forum to talk things out. Keeping physically active helps, too, and - as always - I find myself staying busy with musical activities aplenty. I just...need to figure out what is most important and where God would have me be and why. You know, minor things.

In other news. Sibling's wedding is in about 2 months. Cannot believe it! Finally! Very much looking forward to that.

Hope all is well out there in internet-land aka OK, NM, CA, WI, FL, CO and beyond. I think of you all often, even if I do not expressly express it here.

Finally, based on the amount of fog that rolled in today, I'd say summer has officially landed in sf. woot.

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Bag Blog said...

We're all good in OK. Actually Jes is on a road trip out West. I wanted her to drop in on you, but she may not be going that way.