24 July 2009

Been hanging out in Mos Eisley

(Jen - this post is just for you, my dear, since I've been absent of late...)

I am still here! Haven't fallen off the planet *just* yet. But it has been a busy summer thus far. Kind of. I've been back and forth to CO twice to visit family and friends and then promptly got really ill with bronchitis. I've still got some residual asthma problems, but went to the doc again yesterday and got a different kind of asthma medicine, so hopefully that will do the trick! Yay!!

I celebrated my 30th birthday with friends this week by throwing a STAR WARS party. It was, in fact, all of my nerdy Star Wars dreams come true. I rented a screening room and showed the original 1977 version of Episode IV: A New Hope (read: not remastered and no additional scenes), AND had an R2D2 birthday cake (see below). (Courtesy of Debbie Does Cakes here in the city.) And AZ managed to get her hands on a copy of quite possibly the coolest DVD ever: The Secret Life of Artoo. I plan on watching it this weekend!

The best part, though, was getting a bunch of my different friends together from lots of different circles and just having a good time. Truly, I am blessed.

Hope you are all having a great week!


Bag Blog said...

That is one amazing R2D2! I'm glad you had a good birthday celebration.

Sisu said...

Okay, that cake just made my nerdy little heart do the cha-cha!

Buck said...

Agreed: VERY cool cake! And your party sounds like it was a great good time, as well!

Skybag said...

Ummm, I've always wanted to have a Star Wars party. Did you guys dress up!? You are blessed - you have nerdy friends all over the world!

Anonymous said...

Best party EVER! Looks amazing!
That's gotta be the best way to turn 30....to have such a cool Star Wars cake!


Rona said...

HOLY. COW. THAT WAS YOUR CAKE?!?! I am officially the most envious girl in the world! That's FANTASTIC!!