08 June 2009

JROTC supporters say opponents are using the P.E. issue as a back-door effort to sabotage the program.

Uhhhhh...ya think?

The folks opposed to the (temporary?) reinstatement of the JROTC in seven SF schools are using the arguement that the JROTC program doesn't meet state PE requirements (~400 minutes per 10 days.)

As per the article, "Currently, high school P.E. classes spend far fewer than 400 minutes every two weeks in instruction or activity. At Galileo high school, for example, P.E. classes take up 430 minutes every two weeks, which includes about 20 minutes for changing clothes each day and whatever time is required to take roll or address other issues, school officials said."

I've never taken part in a JROTC program, but I don't think I'd be going out on much of a limb to say that the kids participating in such a program are getting their 400 minutes in, as opposed to those students JUST taking PE class.


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Buck said...

It's simply amazing what the anti-JROTC contingent will cook up to defeat the program. Shame. On. Them.