07 May 2009

insomniacical musings

I'm having an 'off' week, sleep-wise (hence the late - or early? - blog post).

Tonight, it's due to the hot cocoa which seemed like such a good idea. At 8:30pm. *headsmack*

I'll reflect on other stuff, like my random audition last night.

About a month ago, I had applied to get an audition time for a particular opera company out here. I never heard anything, and figured they didn't want to hear me. Fast-forward to Monday, and I got an email reminder "of open auditions tomorrow, be early for your assigned slot."

Uh, what?

After much furious emailing of auditions coordinator, I find out I was at the top of the wait list (who knew?) and he would sneak me in since he accidentally emailed me. Long story ... long ... I had an audition.

I haven't had to do a "real" opera audition in quite a while - 2007 and 2008 have been mostly consumed with G&S operetta and musical theater. The last full-blown opera I was in was early 2007, but that was its own special creature (Onegin - in Russian).

The operetta/musical theater auditions used to freak me out (they don't any longer) because I always have to read sides in addition to singing and/or dancing. And, previous to 2006, I had never had to read any dialogue before. I mean, words without music underscoring them?? I trained as an opera singer. HA. But, as with most things, practice makes perfect one less susceptible to nerves.

Opera auditions are another creature altogether? You have 3-4 minutes. There are no sides to read, no dances in which to cushion your overall worth as a singing actor. Nope. The auditioners start assessing you the moment you step foot in the door, and you either get in there and sing the hell outta those few minutes . . . or you don't. No pressure.

I was mostly prepared for this audition. "Mostly" because I would have spent more time over the weekend practicing had I known about said audition, rather than the NO time I spent practicing over the weekend. Oh well.

As far as how it went? I have no idea - I don't have any clue what happened, which is par for the course for me. I remember enough to know that it wasn't a horrible audition (believe me, *those* are memorable); but I think it must be the adrenaline kicking in fast and furious for such a short amount of time; it zaps the brain.

We'll see what happens. I would (yet again) get to play another old, crotchety Italian woman if they decide to cast me. Bene!


Bag Blog said...

Some day, I want to hear you sing.

Buck said...

Break a leg! (is that appropriate for auditions? or just performances, themselves?)

Mezzo SF said...

Lou - Well, if I ever head out your way, I'll let you know :)

Thanks, Buck (and yes - it is appropriate for auditions)