04 April 2009

Thus far

We are having springtime here in the Bay Area. It has been absolutely gorgeous, and I've been taking as much advantage of the weather as I possibly can, walking during lunch hours and/or after work and before rehearsals...just soaking up as much Vitamin D as possible before the summer fog starts rolling in.

Today, AZ, Ty and I met up with the fantastic T's and went wine tasting in Livermore Valley (East Bay as opposed to Napa/Sonoma area). DELICIOUS wine out there, people! And beautiful vistas. And bocce. And an amazing picnic by our hosts with the most. All-in-all, a perfect Saturday.
April is turning out to be quite a good month, I think, though...I feel as if I'm juggling several things at once, and would just like to escape for a bit. Today was a nice chance to do a little of that. In any case, I'll have one less ball in the air come April 17 (post-show), and then I'll probably be bored. Go figure.

I'm looking at this year as a time to celebrate turning 30. Even though by birthday is in July, I'm gonna celebrate all year. I've been planning my vacation days out, and so far have blocked out the time and purchased my ticket to visit friends in Europe in September. And, thanks to an early bday gift from Sibling, I'll be going to see U2 in October down in SoCal. Also? AZ is *finally* going to come with me to visit CO. YAY for all of that!
I hope to visit CO when P gets his vacation time in June and will be there, too (of course, if I can, I'll try and convince him to spend a few days out here with his West Coast Fan Club!) but not sure yet when those dates are. Also? My mom is chomping at the bit to go to Branson. And I promised I'd meet her up there one weekend. Good thing airfares are low right now (and that I've got a ton of FF miles to use!) If only I got paid to travel . . . hmmmmm gotta figure out how to make that happen . . .


Sandra said...

Just as long as I get to see you again sometime this birthday year!! Woo-hoo!!

That is a gorgeous header photo, by the way!

Mezzo SF said...

HECK ya, Sandra!! At least in October I'll be down in your neck o'the woods!!

Mezzo SF said...

ps: that's a pic a took on new year's day when we went to the headlands!