12 April 2009

Holy Communion

I started cracking up during the communion prayer at church this morning because Sibling, sitting next to me, came *thisclose* to dropping his church bulletin on the floor. Which, out of the corner of my eye, looked as if he almost dropped his wine and wafer on the floor.

In my head, I was thinking: "OH MY (literally) GOD, DO NOT DROP JESUS ON THE FLOOR!!!"

Not so totally appropriate, but the combination of needing sleep and hilarious inner-monologue caused me to crack up, and suppress said laughter, thus shaking in my seat with tears (of laughter) rolling down my cheeks. (Which, of course made Sibling laugh, and even managed to crack up AZ a bit, too).

Happy Easter, all.


Bag Blog said...

You might want to not sit by me in church, because I find most things very funny. There is something that makes it even funnier if you have to hold back the laugh.

Mezzo SF said...

au contraire, Lou - you are *exactly* who I would want to sit next to in church. That way we could hold back our laughter together which would be even funnier :)

Sisu said...

I am inappropriate at most times in my life...church does not get a pass. Many a Sunday spent bent over in the pew, shaking and trying not to snort!