25 March 2009

Making it into the 21st century

My mom is a wonderful woman. A wonderful - albeit technologically challenged - woman. She'll be ther first to admit it. Time and time again have I, Sibling, and even S explained to Ma how an email attachment works, how a text message works, how to get pictures off the digital camera and onto the laptop, etc . . . only to be met with the same questions over and over. Same with my Dad. Which is fine. Emailing they've got down pat, so, that's a step in the right direction.

Fast-forward to last night, when my cell phone beeped at me, indicating that I had a new text message:

From: Mom

obama made me so mad i am learning to text
I just about died laughing. As did Sibling when I showed him the text. It was completely out of the blue and captures my mother in a nutshell - fiesty and when provoked, eager to overcome whatever obstacle (in this case - texting) happens to be in her way. Leave it to Obama (and Fox News - Ma wanted to text in a vote on something) to get my mom to text. CHANGE, indeed.


Buck said...

Ahhh... now THERE'S some "change we can believe in!"

Good on your Mom!

Bag Blog said...

We all do what we have to do. Now if I can just master the ZapGrab that Jesse has been trying to teach me.

Anonymous said...

That's funny! Beth sent me an e-mail about a hardcore conservative co-worker of hers who has decided to stop smoking because of the threat of "sin taxes" on tobacco, and, in her words, "I'm not going to subsidize government healthcare for non-US citizens." Whatever works, I suppose:)