11 February 2009

Holiday Weekend

This coming weekend is a holiday weekend, which means a three-day weekend for me. And I'm going to Colorado for a mini-break and to have a chance to see P while he's home on his 30-day redeployment leave.

Not *ONLY* is it a three-day weekend - it's a three-holiday weekend:
Valentine's Day - Saturday
Sibling's Birthday - Sunday
President's Day - Monday

I'm not celebrating any of the aforementioned days this weekend, though. Sibling will be on the East coast with S; President's Day is just a day off; and Valentine's Day? Well, that will be a miniature Christmas celebration in our house this year. Since P was in Iraq over Christmas, and missed out, we're going to make up for that by listening to Christmas music and making Candyhouses. Random? Yes. But good for the heart and soul. Looking forward to it!

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Bag Blog said...

It sounds like a wonderful weekend. Enjoy your time with P and family.