13 January 2009


Really, Tim? You forgot to pay your back taxes?

I know . . . it's hard having to do your own taxes, especially if you have to file self-employment taxes - all that code is tricky! And, sure, we all make mistakes now and then. However . . . if you're the nominee to run the Treasury Department, can I ask why you don't have a CPA helping ya out with those? Surely you can afford one - and assuming you don't have anything to hide, that *might* be a good idea. I mean, we wouldn't want you to resign as well.

PS: And Bill, BILL. REALLY? Way to step up and drop out, I guess.

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Bag Blog said...

Hillary's husband takes money from foreign countries for his foundation, but she says it will not effect her job. Tim does not pay his taxes, but it will not bother his job either. I guess Richardson realized what a crook he was and backed down. Maybe Congress is worried that no honest politician can be found in our country so they will take what they can get.