01 January 2009


One of my college friends drove up from LA for a short New Year's
get-away, and we have been having fun and chilling out up here. I
totally owe her a return visit now! Anyway, she asked me if I would
contine to blog 365 like last year (technically...I guess 2008 was 356
with leap day, right?) or not. I haven't decided yet what to do. Part
of me feels compelled to write *something* up here everyday...so,
we'll see. For now, yes. But I won't get too paniky about always
having something up by day's end.
Hope everyone rang in 2009 with celebrations aplenty...we sure had fun
around here!


Buck said...

Happy New Year, Katy!

Rona said...

You'd BETTER keep it up! I mean, no pressure...