17 December 2008


Describe what goes on for you and your house and your family for Christmas:

My typical Christmas morning begins with my dad waking up everyone else - bringing us all coffee in bed - and scratching our backs. This has been the M.O. in our house for as long as I can remember on *any* morning when I am at home - not just Christmas. Mom usually starts a pot of grits, and we open stockings together (we all play Santa these days for one another). After stockings we eat breakfast, and then head downstairs to the basement where the Christmas tree is and open the wrapped packages. Peppered throughout the morning are phone calls from friends and family scattered across the globe. And music - we definitely listen to Christmas music.

The best thing about Christmas is being with my family and close friends. Truly, I have been blessed with an amazing community back home - and I relish the time I get to spend among my 'tribe' of folks. And the snow - I love a white Christmas, I have to say.

The worst thing about Christmas is some of the stress leading up to the actual holiday. Have you noticed? People get crazy; work gets crazy; traffic gets bad; the end-of-the-year madness sets in.

My gift giving philosophy is that I unabashedly give gifst. Little ones, big ones, random ones. Even anonymously. It is one of my love languages - how I express my love for people. I might go over the top some times - but it's not because I expect a gift in return. Just a "thank you" would suffice. Some folks don't really know how to react to that - but I think it is just a function of how I was raised: my father is like that. He is a shy man, so his words are few, but his expression of love is manifested through giving and his generosity. Both my brother and I picked that up, I think.

Shopping destinations: internet, Borders, cost plus, random stores as I come across them, walgreens.

Budget: Um...I don't really have one. I have folks I get Christmas packages for every year, and I try to get an even number of things for the family...but usually, I get something I think a person will really like.

Receiving gifts is not something I expect. It's not why I give. But hey, it's always nice to get gifts, hahah!

Decorations at my house are not up this year. We don't have a tree, but then, I'm not here really during the holidays. My folks' house will be all decked out.

Theme - n/a

The tree was fake. And was taken over by a mouse in the outside storage bin. And is now in the trash.

My decorating wish is to not have a mouse-eaten tree. Next year!

The menu will be traditional and potluck. As usual!

The vibe is loving!

Your best timesaver tips...uh. Can't answer on that one.

The wow factor could be having a white Christmas!

Preparing for guests over New Year's, actually, will entail decrapping the living room.

On the day after Christmas I'll be helping to throw an engagement party for Sibling and his fiancee. Yay!


Bag Blog said...

Those are some good Christmas traditions. Congrats to the sibling.

Buck said...

Great traditions, Mezzo.

Since you're heading out tomorrow: Merry Christmas to you and yours. I hope ya get your white Christmas!