07 December 2008

sometimes you're in, sometimes you're out

(Or so I'm told).

What do cupcakes, cardboard dioramas and Heidi Klum cut-outs have to do with each other? These magical items all add up to create "project cupcake birthday extravaganza."

AZ had a vision of a design-your-own cupcake competition, and I think we can say that said vision was fulfilled this evening. You'd think you'd entered an elementary school bake sale - not a room full of 30somethings - the way we were carrying on with those toppings! It was fantastic.

I took a few pics, and will upload them soon.
My favorites were:
Darth Vader
The Spanish and French Armadas (oh yes)
The one with broccoli coming out of it

Good times had by all.

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