10 December 2008


I didn't end up going to the fancy-dancy event tonight, afterall. I was going too, but then got caught up doing other stuff.

And, by other stuff, I mean singing Christmas songs up at the SF VA Hospital. A bunch of us went and sang in the convalescent home part of the campus - and it was a great night. Lots of the guys staying up there couldn't get out of bed, but they joined right in the singing when we went to see them. Many had special requests, and Silent Night was probably our most-requested carol. It was fun to sing and talk with the folks (staff and patients alike) at the VA. It was not all fun and games, though - some of it made my insides melt. Watching people tear up because you've stopped to thank them and bring them a little holiday cheer . . . that is touching.

I was going to attempt to go to the VA, then head home to change into formalwear and head out to the fancy party...but...that didn't happen. I got home at 10pm - and the party is an hour away from my house. AND, I wouldn't have been able to drink some liquid courage once I got there since I'm still on antibiotics for an ear/sinus infection. The bonus part was that since I came home instead of going back out to BFE, I had the opportunity to talk with M on the phone prior to his final departure from SF tomorrow morning. Alas and alack, am once again reminded of just how transient a city this is - that and I still hate saying goodbye to people.


LT Nixon said...

You have such a good heart. Thank you for all you do.

Mezzo SF said...

Well, LT...you're gonna start me blubbering again. lol. Thank YOU.

Buck said...

I second the LT. You'll remember the evening you spent at the VA for years, perhaps your entire life. I don't think the party would have carried NEAR the same weight.

Good On Ya, Mezzo.