15 December 2008

Fun for the whole family!

In random order - my weekend:
1. Wonderfully bizarre French film;
2. Brunch with Sibling;
3. Dicken's Fair;
4. Absinthe;
5. Drag Queen Christmas spectacular-spectacular;
6. Fancy-schmancy dress up party at City Hall for a tech company;
7. Rehearsal (including, but not limited to, my hitting on a mannequin);
8. Finding out that yes, a female burlesque performer *will* do a striptease for her audience, even if said audience is completely made up of gay men and straight women;
9. Finding out that there *are* such things as Santa Hat pasties (see #8, above);
10. Four full champagne flutes spilling makes a big mess. Especially if you are the recipient of said mess and you are dressed up for a fancy-schmancy party at City Hall;
11. Downtown at Christmas time is one sure way to get an instant dose of Christmas-spirit. People, lites, music and decorations everywhere!


Bag Blog said...

Jesse wants to go somewhere for New Years - San Francisco sounds fun.

Buck said...

I most definitely agree with Item #11, with a "Big City" caveat. A town of only 12,000 souls doesn't provide much in the way of Christmas decoration... although we do have a municipal Nativity scene. I may take some night-time pictures of it... if it ever warms up! ;-)

Mezzo SF said...

Buck - hope to see some pics!

Lou - SF sure is fun! Ya'll are welcome to come visit anytime!