23 December 2008

Dogs and babies and presents, oh my!

I spent most of my day surrounded by short people. Short, as in, under 5 years old. It was lovely. There were also four-legged friends involved (I'm totally allergy-face right now, but it was totally worth it). First, we had some family pass through on their way to the mountains. I got to bestow my "Vehicles of STAR WARS" book upon my little 4-year old second cousin. He was thrilled. As was I.
Then, this evening was spent at my "second mom's" house with her family and our close friends from forever...a circle which now includes my favorite little munchkins: Addie (2); Clark (1); and Carter (4mos). The only one missing was Lake (4 mos, I think), who is spending Christmas in Texas. (And yes - to the munchkin's mommies - it is one of my biggest joys to spoil your kiddos...it'll be a loooong while before we have any of our own in our immediate family...ha!)

All in all, a wonderful day...now time for a hit of benedryl an dreamland....zzzzz


Chances' Chatters said...

Katy, Curtis and I hope you have a very Blessed and Merry Christmas at home with your family. I am now a blogger, too. Our blog is chanceschatters.blogspot.com. Check it out sometime to catch up with us. Merry, Merry! Kim

Buck said...

Sounds like your holidays are doing great, Mezzo. Enjoy! (and don't run out of Benedryl!)