10 November 2008


It's November! (And has been for nine days now, yes, I know).

And November means pumpkin bread, which I made about a week ago. Some I took to work, some we kept at home, and some I attempted to send to P in with some other goodies for a care package. Now, I'm a smart girl, but I didn't *exactly* think that last thing through.

Here's the deal - I made the pumpkin bread, let it cool off, then wrapped it really tightly in foil and saran. For some reason, I also stuck it in the freezer overnight. It seemed like a good idea at the time.

This is what I didn't take into consideration: logistics.

Time for package to get from SF to The Desert: 8ish days.
Rate of frequency of mail delivery from the FOB to the COP: twiceish/month
Time lapse between the mailing and the opening of package: 8 - 22 days (optimisically speaking)
Probability that by the time package is opened, pumpkin bread will have turned fantastically moldy: ugh...don't even want to go there.

Let's just say that it's a good thing P and I are friends. I'm hoping he'll just laugh it off with a WTF? and realize that no, I'm not trying to kill him with baked goods. I told my mom and she cracked up big time. I'm sure she's told P's parents, too . . . and they are probably cracking up as well.


In other news, we have one friend back home who had wrist bands made (a la the yellow "Livestrong" bands) with P's name on them - the idea being that friends and family will wear them until the end of P's deployment. (I think this was said friend's bday gift to P's mother). It's a cool idea, and my mom said that Sibling and I had a couple coming to us in the mail. Something more to look forward to this November, anyway!

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Bag Blog said...

I bet P understands the thought behind sending pumpkin bread via snail mail.

My word verification was "fling" - interesting!