28 November 2008


Headed up to the mountains today . . . bliss! And no connection to the real world!

We went to P's parents house for Thanksgiving day celebrations (that is where we have celebrated for many years running, now) and especially nice was that both I and his folks got an email from P yesterday morning (I read mine while at the airport at 4:45 a.m.). Anyway, his dad gave me one of his "remember" bracelets. Basically, it's the Lance Armstrong Livestrong bracelet but in grey, and with P's name on it. We'll wear them until he is safely redeployed back to the states. (The idea was a birthday gift to his mother from one of our other family friends).

I am very grateful for my family, extended family and friends - every one a precious treasure.

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Buck said...

I hope your Thanksgiving was warm and full of grace, Mezzo. Enjoy the mountains!