07 November 2008


Every year, my grandmother used to take a road trip from her hometown of Mansfield, LA into Texas to look at the Bluebonnets blooming. One year, she bought Texas-shaped sunglasses, and she wore those things for a long time. (And not ironically - she totally rocked them).

After she passed away (in 1994), I became the proud owner of said sunglasses. I found them the other night in my bathroom after cleaning out the cabinets. Ahh...the memories :)


insidethesparkling said...

Okay, I've lived in Texas for 30 years, and I've never come across anything like that! I love it!

Mezzo SF said...

I know...they are so funny! I have no idea where she got them - but she *loved* them. They definitely belong on my life-time "happy" list. :)

Rona said...

HAHAHAHA! I WANT A PAIR I WANT A PAIR!! Those would RULE in London!!