19 November 2008

and so it starts back up

Had my first full-length rehearsal tonight for my new show. It's going to be a lot of fun, I think - and I'm especially enjoying getting to see some of my friends again whom I've not seen in a while - but I have to admit that getting back into the practice of...practice...has been a little difficult this time around.
Parts of my brain lay dormant for me after spending some time fallow. The parts needed to learn music, sing, memorize things are all a little rusty. They'll get there, I'm sure, once we get more underway in our preparations.

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Bag Blog said...

When the old ladies and I decided to dance and sing at Lindz' bachelorette party, I thought it would be so easy. Dancing and singing at the same time is more difficult than it looks. Remembering all the steps is even worse - especially for old ladies.