16 October 2008

USS Pinckney

Below are the pics from my trip aboard the USS Pinckney (DDG91) yesterday:

A view of the mast (300 feet at the moment....but that can change):


That's right, I'm standing in the Danger Zone Area:

The upper-most boat is named "Henrietta," after William Pinckney's wife:

My chair (or ... not):

Another view of the mast, satellites and the MK-16 CIWS (like the ones which used to have a hand-crank, but now mechanized):

.50 Calibur Browning Machine Gun:
The B.A.G. (Big Ass Gun) aka what I think is an MK-45:

Sign inside the bridge. (Let me tell you - I really wanted to tap the barometer after reading it!):

USS Pinckney in the sunset, later that evening:


Bag Blog said...

Those are some good photos from your phone. Why is it that signs like on the barometer just make you want to do the opposite?

LT Nixon said...

I hope you sat in the Captain's chair. You're a civilian, they can't get you in trouble!

Buck said...

Cool pics, Mezzo!

Mezzo SF said...

Bag: A rebellious/stubborn streak, perhaps? hahah

Lt. N: I did NOT sit in the Captain's chair - only because there were two 9-year-old boys who were having a blast enjoying the view from that most powerful seat. (I didn't think it would be too terribly ladylike to kick them out - but the thought *might* have crossed my mind...hahaha)