24 October 2008

Friday Five - Location

Tell us about the five favorite places you have lived in your lifetime. What did you like? What kind of place was it? Anything special happen there?

Well, I’ve only really lived about five cities, so this works out great.

1. Denver, CO: Truth be told, I grew up in the ‘burbs, but it’s easier to just say “Denver.” It was a great place to grow up – close to the mountains, lots of outdoor fun, friendly folks and good schools. Not to mention our sports teams! GO BRONCOS!!!!

2. Dallas, TX: I loved being in Texas for college. I knew I wanted to go far from home and wanted to be in the Southern United States. The fact that Texas is a different creature than the South was unbeknownst to me at the time . . . but I learned. And I had a wonderful time in Texas. I don’t know that I would choose to move back there anytime soon (too hot!) but I can see the appeal. (Still not a Cowboys fan, though...)

3. Paris, FRANCE: This city – more than anything – was and is my dream city. It was hard living there, to be sure – culture shock and all – but I loved it. I loved riding the metro (didn’t get to do that in the ‘burbs) and drinking coffee and just deciding to spend an hour or two in the Musee D’Orsay because it was a short trip away from school. *le sigh*

4. Lake Junaluska, NC: I spent a couple of summers as a working singer up at the Methodist retreat center in Lake Junaluska, situated right outside of the bustling metropolis (ha) of Wayesville in the heart of the Blue Ridge Mountains. Talk about small-town. But it was a lot of fun…mostly because of the people, but the scenery did not hurt. Those mountains are a lot different from the Rockies, but they have their own appeal.

5. San Francisco, CA: I’ve lived in my current city for 7 years and 2 months (but who’s counting?) It's a fun place!


insidethesparkling said...

I miss the Musee D'Orsay - it was my favorite of all of them.

It's okay. Most of us in Dallas aren't Cowboys fans, either;)

Buck said...

Dunno if I can name five... but my ALL-TIME favorite city is London, bar none. The USAF drug me kicking and screaming to Heathrow, as I still had scads of things left on my "to do" list, even after three years. Wonderful architecture, GREAT music scene (best I've EVER experienced) and a sense of history like no other place I've ever lived. And the PUBS!!! WOW!!

I agree with ya on Paris, but since I was age 8 - 11 when I lived there I didn't get to do all the Good Stuff. I kinda made up for it in many weekend trips to The City of Light while I lived in London, but not nearly enough.

Tokyo is #3... just for the over-all weirdness of the place. Great food, too. And I met the love of my life there, as well. She was an exchange student at the time... and the good times we had there were just too numerous to mention. (It was cool to have my very own live-in translator, too, as she was studying Japanese and was quite good at it.)

SFO is arguably the best US city I've lived in, mainly for its stunning beauty and the restaurants, and I find myself missing the latter every single day.

I just can't think of a fifth place... and certainly not a US city, as the candidates would be Deetroit, Wash DC, San Jose, Atlanta, OKC, and current home in New Mexico... none of which I found/find especially remarkable.