09 October 2008


I vote absentee and I got my ballot in the mail today. It's sitting on my kitchen table...mocking me.

Well, okay. Not mocking me. But sitting there staring me down. Waiting for me to complete the arrows and make my choices.

On some things, I am certain. (NO ON PROP K!)

On other issues, not so certain.

And a few I really couldn't care less about.

When it all comes down to it...on local issues I feel like my vote counts. On national issues - especially my vote for the next POTUS - I know my vote doesn't *really* count. This is San Francisco, afterall. It doesn't matter for whom I vote. Our state is going Obama.

I honestly don't know if I will fill out that arrow yet or not.

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insidethesparkling said...

Funny, I have the opposite problem, wanting to vote for Obama in Texas. Sure, Austin may go D, but overall, there's not much of a chance for the state, and that's frustrating.

I feel the same way on the local front - we actually have a voice in a smaller pond. I have an awesome next-door neighbor who used to be a nun, and she's now a democratic judge for the city of Dallas (!). I hear a little about the local political goings-on from her, and it makes it all feel a little more accessible.