13 October 2008


Perfectly faded.
Broken in.
With a few holes here and there.

No, not a favorite pair of jeans.

Perfectly faded, the tarnish of time gone by disguises the rough edges of actual occurences, leaving a smoothed-over surface behind.

Broken in from so many visits, recollections, rememberings, re-livings.

With a few holes here and there. Is that how events played out? Or I am remembering the way I wanted things to be, and not how they actually happenend?

Loved. Loving. Beloved. Loved ones. Warm and joyful memories carry us through to the making of new ones.

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Bag Blog said...

I often wonder if I will ever get too old to love my jeans.

Exile in Portales has a cartoon and write-up on the Blue Angels in SF.