06 October 2008

It's official

The meeting of the families will be happening in Philly the first weekend of November.

No, no. It's not a mobster thing. It's an in-law thing.

(No, no. Not *my* in-law's...Sibling's future in-laws.)

Our two sets of parents could not be more different. Really. It's going to be a pretty hilarious occasion. My mom keeps asking me for topics of conversation they might be able to discuss. Religion? Nope. Politics? Most definitely not. Fishing? Maybe. ummmm Wedding planning? That'll have to do, I guess.

To have a video of the whole thing - now THAT would be good reality television.
For real.

1 comment:

Bag Blog said...

I think you should make the In-law video. I feel very blessed by my son's in-laws even though we have our differences, we have the same Christian background and greatly enjoy each other. When I think of Jesse getting married, I pray for my future in-laws to be of "like mind."