19 October 2008

I think

. . . I will just have to be okay with the fact that my Spanish test tomorrow is going to be one of those "on a wing-and-a-prayer" type of experiences.

I haven't been able to study much at all with the folks in town...

(Funny how that perfectionistic-student trait didn't die over the last few years of no longer being a student. If anything, it might be stronger in its reincarnation. hmmmm....)

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Bag Blog said...

I am currently taking an American Sign Language class. I love it, but I do not have anyone at home that I can practice with. Unless you speak (or sign) the language, it is difficult to learn. Years ago when my kids were homeschooling we had a kindergarten teacher teaching us Spanish. I learned to tell "The Boy Who Cried Wolf" in Spanish. I was so dang slow, trying to think in English and translate to Spanish and then speak - it was very funny. El lobo! El Lobo!