01 October 2008

wracking and packing

I am headed back down to Monterey early in the morning. I'm going to sit in on a few classes at an amazing school...see if that itch for being a translator is still there or if I will continue down my current course of (in)action, as it were.

Well, I must say, that one of the very best advantages to being single is the ability to just take a few days off of work and have a mini-road trip. I'm looking forward to a couple days of solitude, actually.

Side note: Rona is leaving for London tomorrow. *sniff* I am selfishly sad that she is moving and I hate saying goodbye to people. HOWEVER...this also gives me great impetus for a visit to the good ole U.K.!

Tomorrow...perhaps a review of "The Bonesetter's Daughter" opera from whence I just came.

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