13 September 2008

why can't we all just get along?

I do believe that we all have parts of ourselves and facets of our lives which we hide from everyone else. It's human nature. Those buried down parts that you think "Man . . . if anyone else knew xyz about me, they would run screaming in the opposite direction."

But, really, you know what the beautiful thing is? We all - each and every one of us - can relate to each other because we all have those deeply buried places, no matter how translucent a life we try to lead. And it is that part . . . that part we even try to hide from ourselves at times . . . which helps deepen our capacity for compassion, understanding, and love for one another. In theory at least.

Now, if only everyone could just *realize* this, we'd be well on our way to utopia . . . or something like that. heh.

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