22 September 2008

Vaya con dios

My jacket has blood spatter on it.

Fake. Theatrical. Corn-starch blood, that is.

Along with beer and champagne.

And why? All because of a little piece of organized chaos called Point Break, Live!.

It was a live-action, raunchier, punchier, campier version of the 1991 Swayze-Reeves flick. The best part was the audience participation: the role of "Johnny Utah" (infamously portrayed by Keanu himself) is cast from the audience. Said "volunteer" proceeds to get abused by his fellow cast mates for two ours...it was great.

Throughout the piece, the audience (given ponchos upon entering the building) was bombarded with water, beer, champagne and fake blood (during the shoot out at the end.)

Hilarity ensued. Many times over. And, the actual director of the movie (Kathryn Bigelow) herself directed the show and was there tonight.

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Bag Blog said...

This reminds me of when my daughter's friend, Lindz was in a murder mystery. She played a rather loose woman who was suppose to interact with three men chosen from the audience. She danced around them and sang "Diamonds Are a Girl's Best Friend." One of the men was given a clue to which he would be pulled from the audience and upon the stage later in the show to give the clue to the "loose woman." Lindz pulled the wrong man from the audience. He did not want to go up on stage, but she pulled, pushed and coerced him to the stage. Then he had no clue what the clue was - the crowd loved it.