01 September 2008

Alaska by the numbers

Days of vacation: 10
Miles logged in Ford Excursion rental: approximately 1,200
Not including: 160+ miles on a bus

Grizzly bears: 5
The peak of Denali: twice
Moose: 3
Arctic chipmunks: tons
Willow Ptarmigans: 2
Loons: 4
Mosquitos: billion
Mosquito bites: 1
Beautiful panoramas: infinite
Old, bearded fishermen: infinite
Espresso joints in every town, outpost or wide spot in the road: minimum 2 each
Batmobiles: 1 (just a few miles from new VP Candidate Sarah Palin's hometown)
Giant Ice Cream cones: 2
Ted Stevens 2008 signs: 100+

National parks visited: 2 (Denali & Kenai Fjords)
Hikes taken: 3

Pounds of fish:
Caught by family
: 58 (halibut, silver salmon, cod & rockfish)
Being sent (frozen) to our house: 30
Consumed by family: too many delicious pounds to count

Bottles of wine purchased by family
: 15
Microbrews tasted: at least 6

$5.38/gallon just outside of Denali National Park
$4.38/gallon everywhere else

Trips to the ER: 1

Sea shells: 3
Rocks: 7
Books on moose (for dad): 2
Postcards: couple dozen
National Park stamps for passport book: 4
Long-sleeved t-shirts: 2

Average hours of daylight/day: 16
Average hours of sleep/night: 9

Road-tripping up and down Alaska with the family: PRICELESS


Bag Blog said...

Wow, that is some exciting trip. I would love to see Alaska. You may want to visit OK sometime. Our gas prices are only 3.49 right now.

math jedi said...