17 September 2008



P is 3/5ths of the way though his deployment. I have to say that that little fraction sounds pretty damn good looking at it from over the (camel's)hump, as it were.

Those of us who know him choose to believe P when he tells his mother that he's in "one of the safest – if not the safest – neighborhoods" in country. But sometimes I can't help it – my brain starts in on overdrive. I mean, so, if it's so safe, what's to keep The Powers That Be from sending his unit to less safe places? And what's going on along the Pakistani border this week – are our UAV's *really* blowing $hit up in a country which has nukes??? Are we that insane??? And what's going to happen with the Petraeus/Odierno switcheroo? Hopefully that will be good for all involved, and not have any negative repercussions.  And – oh yeah, it's Ramadan, too, etc etc.

And then – somewhere inside – the light clicks on and that little voice shuts up and God is gracious to replace it with the Voice of Reason:

"Our troops are well-trained. P is well-trained AND he's no dummy. Everything happens for a purpose. *Surely* things with Pakistan are not going to escalate any further than they have this week. Also - the weather is probably starting to cool off in the desert, which will help morale of everyone. And P is in a safe neighborhood and gets to know some of the locals. What a great chance for cultural exchange and broadening of horizons…etc etc."

Sometimes….sometimes I need a vacation from my own head.

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