11 August 2008

Impeccable timing

Me: "I can't wait to watch Michael Phelps swim tonight. NBC's going to broadcast it in an hour. I missed seeing his other swims this weekend."

Sibling: [grabs the remote, switches to ESPN]

ESPN: blah blah blah . . . Mark Sanchez' knee will be fine . . . blah blah blah . . . and in other news, Michael Phelps wins his 3rd Gold of this Olympic games.

Me: !!!!

Sibling: [sheepish look. Giggles.] "Oops. Must be one hour tape delay between ESPN & NBC. Well, now you don't have to wait to see who wins ....*chuckles*.... sorry....!"

Me: "Yeah, but . . . but . . . I wanted to *watch*.....*sigh*...."

Sibling: [flips channel back to NBC; walks off] "Okay. Goodnight. Have fun watching the swimming. Oh, and hey, at least you now have something to blog about today....ha ha ha ha!"


Skybag said...

Have you seen that "Phelp's Phan" commercial? It reminds me of myself and now you too!

math jedi said...

I've recorded games with plans to watch them later and overheard scores many times... it stinks. :(

Mezzo SF said...

yes, Sky, I am totally a Phelp's Phan - that commercial cracks me up!