30 August 2008

The End of the Road

Today, we took a 13 hour (round-trip) bus ride up into Denali National Park. Private vehicles are only allowed about 15 miles up the Denali Park Road, so we had to go via school bus. (And by today, I really mean Tuesday, because that is when I'm writing all these posts and setting them to publish throughout the week! whoot).

Today. Was. Awesome. Denali Park is over 6 million acres, 1/5 of which is covered in glaciers (including Mt. Mckinley aka Denali mountain). The Park road only goes in 82 miles, and then it just stops. There are no other ways in or out. If you want to camp or hike out backcountry, you take a bus, they drop you off and you go anywhere you want. When you are finished, you have to make your way back to the main road and then wait for you bus to come get you.

Talk about hardcore. And absolutely gorgeous!!! I took a ton of pics and will put a few up when I get back. Wow.

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