13 August 2008


I inventoried our first-aid supplies at work today. We've been putting together our business continuity plan and working on our emergency preparedness for about the last 6 months.

Last time we inventoried our "earthquake supplies" was in 2005, when I first started working here. However, I didn't check our major first-aid supplies at that time. Well, since then we've moved and I have unearthed our kits. They are easily 20 years old, and most of the medication in them expired in 1995. Whoops.

So, I've been researching how to dispose of old hydrogen peroxide and betadine solutions. We have a few bottles, and it can't just be 'thrown out' so . . . good times. That, and we have a ton of old (and leaking) alkaline batteries which were in with those supplies. I should have worn my HazMat suit to work today!

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