13 July 2008

off to a good start

well....I guess so far 29 is off to a good start.

Kicked things off with drinks & dinner last night with a small group of friends at Bissap Baobab...tasty Senegalese/West African food. Tasty.

I managed to go to the ATM before leaving the house...and upon getting to the restaurant, I discovered I had forgotten my wallet. oops. Which, would have come in handy because apparently on your birthday (with proof of ID), the restaurant gives you a free pitcher of drinkage.

Sibling got my tab, though...yay! Anyway. It was a good mix of folks. I had wanted to have a big house party like last year. But really? My house is just too small for that. Maybe I'll rent a place out for the big 3-0 next year. hmmmmmmmm. . . .

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