19 June 2008

Sticky Fingers

It was strangely flattering, if not altogether appropriate. Red had always been one of her best colors: it highlighted the auburn undertones of her hair, and made her blue eyes appear more like ice crystals set below an as-yet-unlined forehead. (Thanking Mom again for those good genes – who, although already in her late 50s, could pass as 40 with none the wiser).

Her shopping trip had been successful, though she hadn’t intended on quite this color combination. I mean, she was *already* going to be the center of attention; it was, after all, her own rehearsal dinner. Something in deep blue, coordinating with her eyes, was what she had finally purchased. She already had the perfect shoes for the dress, and Jim loved her in blue – it was his favorite color. And by wearing this particular dress, he would definitely forgive her for running as late as she was. It’s just that between her mom, Jim’s mom, and all the friends in town, she had not yet had five minutes to herself (much less an entire morning free to go shopping.)

Walking a few minutes out of her way to go to her favorite coffee shop, she popped in her ear buds and pondered the huge life changes coming for her over the next 36 hours. The prospect of spending the rest of her days with The One – Jim – thrilled her. He still gave her goosebumps. However, if she were to be completely honest with herself, 'Til Death Do We Part' did sound a little intimidating. But, that was just her cold feet talking, right? She couldn’t imagine a better match than Jim: they were best friends, lovers, and their families got along like old friends. What could be better?

“Wild, wild horses….couldn’t drag me away…” she sang along, envisioning Mick’s mouth eating the microphone. How on earth did a man so compact have a mouth so effen huge? Enquiring minds want to know!

Ah! The coffee house came into sight. Or scent, rather - she could smell the beans roasting from across the street. Waiting at the light, something in her periphery caught her eye. A shiny penny - head’s up - dated 2008! Must be her lucky day! She didn’t need a penny to tell her that, but bent over to grab it anyway. Maybe she’d tuck it into the little present she’d bought for Jim. “Wild, wild, horses…”

She didn’t hear the horn. Didn’t see the taxi slice across the street in front of the truck as they both approached the intersection.

As she lay contemplating the color which she hadn’t planned on wearing today – at least, not in such quantity - she had to admit that the red did set off her ice blue eyes and increasingly pale cheeks . . .

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